Getting started

Ready to learn more or get started? We’re here to help!


The decision to enrol is an important one, so there are a few steps we’ll need to take together to get started and make sure Medicus is a good fit for you. 

What to expect

Enrolment is open to physicians in eligible provinces and Territories. See the eligibility page for details.

Let us know you’re interested in joining

There’s a short form to fill out. You can get started here.

If you’re eligible to participate, our Medicus Support Team will contact you to set up a discovery meeting and to provide some additional resources for you to review.

Prepare for your discovery meeting 
If you haven't already familiarized yourself with the Medicus plan, now is a great time to do it.

What you can do:

  • Review this website, including the Plan summary, Role of the participating employer, and FAQs
  • Read through the resources our team will provide
  • Consider sharing resources with a trusted advisor, and discuss how Medicus can fit into your overall retirement planning
  • Make a list of any questions you have
Discovery meeting

Together with a member of our Medicus Support Team, you will:
  • confirm your eligibility to participate in the plan
  • review key considerations for joining the plan
  • ask any questions you have
  • discuss your readiness to enrol, and
  • even get your enrolment started

If you like, you can have a trusted advisor join you on your discovery meeting call.

We’re ready when you are


After your discovery meeting, you’ll have 90 days to complete your enrolment in the plan – which gives you lots of time to discuss with your advisor, ask any follow up questions, and make your decision. Keep in mind, the longer you are a member of Medicus the larger your monthly pension benefit will be when you retire – and it’s payable for the rest of your life.

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