Getting started

Ready to learn more or get started? We’re here to help!


The decision to enrol is an important one, so there are a few steps we’ll need to take together to get started and make sure Medicus is a good fit for you. 

What to expect

In 2023, there are limited spaces available as we introduce the plan to eligible physicians across Canada.

Enrolment is open to physicians in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Alberta and the Territories.
See the eligibility page for information on the status for other provinces.

Let us know you’re interested in joining
If you haven’t already signed up on our website, you can get started here.
NOTE: If you already signed up for updates in the past, you don’t need to sign up again.
If you’re eligible to participate 
Our Medicus Support Team will contact you to set up a discovery meeting. 
The initial process may take a little time to get started, depending on your province or territory of residence.
Have a discovery meeting
Together with a member of our Medicus Support Team, you will:
  • confirm your eligibility to participate in the plan
  • review key considerations for joining the plan
  • discuss your readiness to enrol, and
  • even get your enrolment started

We’re ready when you are


From there, when you decide to enrol is up to you. Keep in mind, the longer you are a member of Medicus the larger your monthly pension benefit will be when you retire – and it’s payable for the rest of your life. 

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