Role of the participating employer

At a glance

In the Medicus Pension Plan (“Medicus” or the “plan”), there are two key roles:

  • Participating employer
  • Member

If you are a physician joining through your professional corporation, you will have roles as BOTH a participating employer AND a member. Your corporation becomes a participating employer in Medicus, and you are an employee of the corporation. As an employee, you can become a member.

Each year, all participating employers have a number of key responsibilities, to make sure membership in the plan runs smoothly.

Here’s an overview of these responsibilities

Important note: This document summarizes the general responsibilities of Medicus participating employers. It is intended to help you better understand the responsibilities and actions you may need to take to fulfill your obligations to the plan. The guide is not a legal document and the information provided has been simplified. It is not intended as advice. Examples contained in this document are based on various assumptions and the current terms of the plan text, the Funding Policy, the Sponsor Agreement and the Trust Agreement (the “Plan Documents”), which are subject to change. If there are any discrepancies between this document and the Plan Documents, the terms of the Plan Documents will apply in all cases. This document was published in December 2023 and reflects the plan provisions in effect as of January 1, 2024.

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