Plan summary

How the Medicus Pension Plan works

Medicus is a multi-employer pension plan that has been created to enable physicians in Canada to become members of an industry pension plan through their professional corporation, or their participating employer’s corporation.

In a multi-employer pension plan, a group of employers come together to participate in and contribute to the same pension fund. 

In this case, most participating employers are physicians’ own professional corporations, and as an employee of the corporation, the physician can become a member of the plan.

Key features of the plan

Medicus is different from other plans (such as individual pension plans (IPPs) or registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)) because it provides you and your family with a predictable income that continues for your lifetime.

You don’t need to worry about making investment decisions along the way, and it can help provide financial peace of mind as one part of your overall retirement income stream. 

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