Finally, a pension plan exclusively for physicians

Imagine joining a pension plan now that provides you with a predictable monthly income when you retire  –  for the rest of your life

Medicus Pension Plan™ is a multi-employer pension plan designed specifically for incorporated physicians in Canada – to provide peace of mind and predictable lifetime retirement income.

Established by MD Financial Management Inc. and Scotiabank, the Medicus Pension Plan is now open to incorporated physicians in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Alberta and the Territories.

Medicus is different from other plans such as individual pension plans (IPPs), registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) or tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs). As a multi-employer pension plan, Medicus offers many benefits for incorporated physicians and their family members, including:

  • delivering a predictable income every month for the rest of your life;
  • pooled investment and longevity risk among all members – so while the ups and downs of the market will always be there, you won’t have to manage them on your own;
  • specialized institutional investment management with access to investments not typically available to individual investors; and
  • valuable additional financial protection for your family, such as pre-retirement death benefits, payment guarantee periods, and continuation of lifetime pensions to an eligible spouse.

And, you don’t need to worry about making investment decisions along the way.

If you’re an incorporated physician and would like to join Medicus, please register your interest here.

We are not yet able to offer Medicus to physicians in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick or Newfoundland and Labrador due to legislative barriers. The Medicus team is working with various stakeholders toward a goal of enabling incorporated physicians across Canada to participate in the plan. 

How much monthly income could you get in retirement?

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Established by Scotiabank MD