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Celebrating Medicus’ first anniversary and sharing our inaugural annual report

We’ve reached an important milestone: today, Medicus celebrates its first anniversary. That means an entire year of offering incorporated physicians something they’ve never had before – access to secure, predictable retirement income paid for life through a pension plan designed specifically for them.

 “I am proud to lead Medicus, a unique and innovative plan that no one thought was possible. Together, we are working to influence change for physicians across Canada. Medicus offers many valuable differentiators for our members, including security, scale, and peace of mind. We’re continuing our efforts to bring the plan to all eligible physicians across the country because it’s the right thing to do.”
Simone Reitzes, Managing Director

To mark the highlights from our first year, we have published our inaugural annual report – Reflections on Medicus’ First Year. It outlines the solid foundation we’ve established for future growth and the significant milestones we’ve reached along the way:

  • We’re operating in six provinces and all three territories.
  • Our balance sheet is strong – we’re  over 150% funded. This means that there is more than $1.50 of assets behind every $1.00 of pension.
  • Our membership is diverse, ranging in age from 30 to 65+ and practicing in many different areas of medicine.
  • We’ve implemented a robust governance structure, with oversight from our Administrative Board, Plan Sponsor Committee, and Leadership Team.

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